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Why do you need a blood test for vitamin B3 - nicotinic acid (Niacin) (Nicotinic acid, Niacin)? Indicators are normal

Nicotinic acid ( Niacin). This acid is vitamin B 3 . In the body of niacin, nicotinamide is formed, which is converted into coenzymes , needed for cellular metabolism . Nicotinic acid rich foods: whole grains, meat, yeast. With a deficiency of nicotinic acid, a disease develops, which is called pellagra. The reason for the deficiency of niacin may be a lack of it in food or malabsorption - malabsorption . In addition, long-term anti-tuberculosis therapy with isoniazid can lead to niacin deficiency. Pellagra is manifested by lesions of the skin, mucous membranes, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms , impaired brain activity with the possible development of dementia. 

The lower threshold for serum niacin is 24 mcMol / L.

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