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Script for the anniversary concert at the school

August. First teachers' council. Director - to the whole team, solemnly: 

- And in conclusion, I remind you that next year the school has an anniversary! So, my dears, it will be necessary to create a commission to prepare it! Time suffers for now, but one should not sit too long.

The whole team nods their heads in unison.

November. Autumn teachers' council. Director - to the whole team, edifying: 

- And the last thing: next year we will have a very serious event. What certification ?! I remind everyone: the anniversary of the school! We must create a commission in order to properly prepare! Your suggestions? Going home? The right word, like little children! Well, well, we'll decide in working order, although keep in mind, the New Year is not far off, and there will be exams with graduation!

Everyone, as one, began to discuss a possible New Year's menu for an impossible teacher's salary.

January. Another teachers' council. Director with obvious excitement in his voice:

- I already urgently demand from the head teachers: finally, take seriously the school anniversary! Where is the commission? Where are the suggestions? Concert? Well, let's do it. Banquet? Well, we will organize it. And it's all?! Not serious! Okay, now a month of patriotic work will pass, and I warn you: every last one will do the preparation!

Those present with sighs and longing thought of the happy absent.

The end of May. Hooray! The last teachers' council! The director is tired, but still determined:

- With academic performance everything is clear. All were transferred. But with which nothing is clear to me, it is the anniversary. Who will cook it ?! I?! Yes, I have already talked with all the sponsors. They promised to give balloons. As many as a hundred pieces! How to do with them ?! Inflate! Sheer cheating, my dears - this is your preparation! Head teacher, where is the commission ?! Who is responsible for what ?! All for everything - that means no one for anything! Stop talking, Maria Ivanovna! Yes, by the way, here you are, my sociable, and you will be responsible for the solemn part of the anniversary! How can you not? As much as you can! Now Nastasya Pavlovna will be engaged in inviting former students. I just warn you to look at solidity, not marital status! So what if you all need to get married ?! This is an anniversary, not a marriage bureau! And you, Svetlana Georgievna, so that you don't particularly advocate for Nastasya with her ideas to gather all unmarried men, that is , graduates, will be responsible for the banquet! Who needs a sea of beer here? No "Golden Barrel"! Moreover, dear Ivan Ivanovich, you need not a gold barrel, but a bottomless one! Therefore, you, as an artist, will take care of providing visual material! So! Where is Gertruda Archibaldovna here? How is the chorus of our veterans? Have fun? Nothing! Will sing! Head teacher! Urgently write an order about everything that I have decided here! Here, everything is the most! Yes, enjoy your stay, colleagues! See you in August!  

All the members of the pedagogical team, who did not get under the hot gaze, irresponsible, that is , not responsible for the preparation of the jubilee, happily rushed from their seats and, to the best of their stage of osteochondrosis, ran to the exit. And chosen by the will of fate, the villains "lucky ones" remained sitting in their seats with the smiles of Jim Carrey. 

“Well this is necessary, eh ?! So get stuck on the last day! Everything. Farewell to rest! And I wanted so much to relax from this school, so that not a single thought in my head, not a single surname in my mind, not a single student nearby for half a mile! "

So relax to your health, and to the joy of your family! Breathe in deeply and remember to exhale. It's not that bad. The main thing is to concentrate and think over all sorts of "chips and troubles" in detail. As they say, not sponsors fired the pots! Or what is their name there? Gods, or what? Although in our case, sponsors are almost the main gods, however, financial. 

But what is now most valued in the world market? Come on, Ivan Ivanitch, with oil! The fact that there is still a lot of it in the country is not a fact that the cost of a couple of its barrels will be added to our salary!

And the most precious thing now is the idea! Know-how, so to speak! You will act as generators of smart and even brilliant thoughts about the anniversary. True, we'll have to think a little, but do we really get used to the extra headache ?! But then, if everything, of course, works out fine, what is the best and no doubt, your company will get real laurels! No, my dears, don't dream of a prize! And what kind of mercantile interests ?! Have you forgotten, for what a big "thank you" we all work? Although everything can be! 

What if Nastasya Pavlovna still gets sophisticated and finds married and unmarried former students who turn out to be the owners of some respectable firms and corporations ?! And they, having visited such an event, will give gifts to the whole school, including you? Yes, not balloons from the Chinese market, but a computer class, for example, or powerful amplifying sound equipment, or exercise equipment for the gym, or new furniture for at least a couple of offices? As they say, dreaming is not harmful!

But let's get back to "our rams", that is , to the commission, that is , to the preparation of the anniversary.  

With the invitees, the banquet and the decoration, it is always more or less clear. It's just that the main thing here is to think over and do everything in advance: make lists of former students and teachers, necessary food and utensils, flowers, garlands and other stationery to decorate the school. Do not forget to involve the senior classes led by their class teachers in the distribution of invitations and “ringing up”, drawing and cutting, preparing stands, cleaning and arranging tables and chairs, meeting at the school door, on duty during the event, etc. 

And, finally, it is imperative to hold a contest of congratulatory telegrams "Favorite school from students" Firstly, let current students write small creative works on this topic in literature lessons, and secondly, as a rule, a lot of congratulations from former graduates and teachers come to the school. All this can be read during the ceremonial part and the banquet.

But you, dear Mary Ivanna, as always, did not get God knows what! Again the script, again preparing the performances of the children with congratulations and praises, again bringing together all sorts of numbers of amateur performances available at the school. And the hassle of withdrawing from classes at the rehearsal of "artists" ?! Although these "artists" are such artists that they themselves will be removed from lessons and will be filming for a long time!

Do not be discouraged, but rather look at the proposed version of the anniversary ceremonial part, maybe choose the right words for yourself, and the course of the conduct, and the humorous performance of high school students.

Yes, how old will your school be? Five? Twenty five? Thirty five? Or, like ours, already forty-five? What's the difference! I suggest in the scenario the middle age: let the school be a "lady" in the prime of life and creative possibilities, that is , she is only thirty-five!  


Anniversary concert script


The concert is attended by:

The presenters hold a concert, invite possible performers to the stage, play the role of the school owners, and also help the artists act out the text. 

High school students from a theater studio or KVN team . They show a funny little story about your school and its parents. Their roles:

The region is your region, she is the "queen-mother". Place a plaque with the name of the area on the chest of a girl with a large build, and a small crown can be put on her head. Yes, you can give your hands some product that your region is famous for. For us, for example, it was a sheaf of ears of wheat and dried bream. How he smelled! 

The city is the "king-dad". A respectable young man in a jacket and tie. But here he was still a little "new Russian", looking like a "brother" somewhere. And his name was Rostov-papa, you know what type! 

The district is a son, a kind of future businessman. And who is at school? That's right, a dodgy Losers! He knows everything, it happens everywhere, but it's too lazy to study. While laziness. 

A group of primary school students - 4-5 children expressively reading and freely standing on the stage.  

A group of fifth grade students who will present a large birthday cake with candles to the school. Of course, you need to take care of it in advance!

And also all dance, vocal, theater groups and studios, individual creative "stars", ie , pianists, violinists, etc., who study at your school.  

So the fanfare is playing. The presenters take the stage :


- The fanfare is solemn.

Why shouldn't they sound ?!

After all, we celebrate today

Favorite school thirty-five!


- You collected thirty-five times

Children on their first call!

And sent thirty-five times

Them for your last lesson!


- And how many did you manage to raise,

To teach different sciences,

Cherished, kept, warmed,

Taught to believe and love ?!


- And how much have you become a springboard

To art, the world of science, sports ?!

And how many have opened a business,

And they still open it ?!


- You are our childhood abode,

A center of comfort and warmth.

In a fragile world, you are the keeper 

There has always been reliability!


- This is happening around!

Then somewhere the wall will fall

And the buses carry

People to another building!


- That will suddenly become paid study,

The one that should be free.

And then suddenly try to teach

What you shouldn't!


- A stream of trendy innovations

I managed to survive.

I could in the flow of information

Firmly keep your status!


- And status, name, - in solid knowledge,  

In stability in all respects!

In helping us call

Find and discover talent in us!


- So let a whole year of fanfare

They sound, dear, in your honor!

And we don't need another school!

Thank you for this!


A vocal group comes out. On the phonogram of Oleg Gazmanov's song "My only":


- Look at the school,

Here are four floors!

In crowded but not mad

We live - one family! 

Here our souls will warm

And they will help in difficult times

Mind will teach

At the school of each of us!




- My only one,

The school is incomparable

Far from average

Let's never forget!


- Always

Let your star burn

School honey you

Let's never forget!


- The school saw a lot

Restructuring, changes.

Only with age did you become

More beautiful than new buildings walls!

Of the kids of the Human

You create with a capital letter.

And hopefully forever

You will keep this status!





- With such moving words and songs we began this solemn day: the 35th anniversary of our dear school!

- How does the school begin? You say, our dear teachers, what about us, students. And we, your students, will tell you in return what happened to you, teachers!

- We come here foolish,

And almost scientists are leaving!

Who opened the way for us to the world of knowledge,

Surrounded by kindness and care?

Who sat next to us, tell me?

- It's you, our beloved teacher!

- This is you, a wonderful teaching staff of real professionals, led by an excellent organizer, a talented teacher, a fair person ( hereinafter the name, patronymic of the school director ).

- For ... years

You meet every sunrise

With only one thought - about school! 

And I can't sleep already against my will.

After all, you are responsible for all of us,

For the warmth to heat the class

For energy and for water,

For the observance of rights and freedoms,

For programs and magazines,

So, God forbid, trouble does not happen!

To be clean and tasty and clear

So that the day is not lived in vain!

Staying late at work all day

You give your heart to us!

- A word to the director of the school ( name, patronymic of the director ).


Greetings from the headmaster. This is what exactly he should say about veterans, those who have worked at the school for many years, those who have come here since the founding of the school. As the names of these people are called, children should give them flowers. There is another version of this very important and obligatory part of the anniversary: it can also be held at a banquet.



- By tradition of kind guests

Gathers an anniversary!

How many faces and names, how many destinies!

Your school days passed here.


- It was like all the kids.

Some were quiet, some were too violent.

But let's not talk about sad things.

You end up being respectable people! 


- So, the graduates of our school were ...


Now we must name, firstly, those present, those who have reached considerable heights in this life. Although everyone has achieved something. It's just that some had a bigger springboard. But “protocol is protocol”!

Second, be sure to name the absent former alumni who have become celebrities. And thirdly, do not forget about your "Walk of Fame", that is , those who performed and are fulfilling their military duty: internationalist warriors, that is , "Afghans", "Chechens", etc. In memory of all the victims, both graduates and teachers who have passed away, declare a moment of silence.   



- For you, dear guests and teachers, our wonderful choir of veterans sings!


In every team, as a rule, there is one. And if not, we advise you to create it faster. After all, the anniversary is not far off!



- You, school, young at heart

And you will be forever young

You have been for many - many years in a row 

Like this eternally young waltz!


Performed by the Viennese Waltz ballroom dance ensemble.

And now it's the turn of the theater studio for a little performance.

High school students come out playing the leading roles :


- For you, respectable aunts and uncles,

We are only children, unfortunately.

And that's why to tell

Let's take a fairy tale with permission.


- Once upon a time there was one country

- And now she lives!

- But there is something bad with health:

Then suddenly a default, that that cold!


- That foreign sinusitis

She is threatened with infection!


- And in that country, the queen-mother

Our region is called right!

She has enough of everything!


The Region leaves and begins, as in the market, to call to itself:

- Who should drink, eat, dig, get it ?!



- And since who and plow

Still the hunt has not fought back?



- Pasha, as you like, at your mercy!



- And the king is here, as without the king.



Another presenter enters:

- Probably the governor ?!



- Of course, Rostov (and maybe Kursk) is dad!  

A prominent man, like it or not!

Don't put your finger in his mouth!


Business dad comes out. Immediately he starts calling someone on his mobile phone, the region also delves into bills, viewing fish, spikelets, that is , a very businesslike atmosphere. 



- Our mom and dad

They had a son as a punishment.


- Well, I'll tell you, and son!

Head of all railways!


( Options are possible, if the area is sleeping, then

Multi-storey town

Or, if an industrial area -

Factories, factories mouthful!)

Flies son - an area squib near Rodi - telyami. 



- Battle hardened district:

Here are both explosives and shooters!


The city takes the district "by the ear" for such tricks and waggles a finger.



- Daddy annoyed his son.



- I took the water and turned it off! (He took the Pepsi can from his son. )



- Look, scared!



- Said son

And dragged water from the river!


The son got a can of Sprite from his mother.



- Dad did not forgive his son:



- I just took the light and turned it off!


At the same time, he takes a mobile phone and a player from his son's pocket.



- Son, after thinking for an hour,

I set fire to everything that burns!


The district takes out sparklers and lights them.



- Daddy ...


Another presenter:

- But chance intervened:

- My son decided to fall in love better!


The district just saw someone backstage, it is clear that someone is very cute, as it rushed there with such a speed that the City did not even have time to scold him properly!



- He thought this and that,

So as not to get trapped in love.

I went through the candidates,

I looked at bills, debts, figures.


One by one the girls run out onto the stage, followed by the district.

He gets up in the middle of the stage, looks around the hall, looks at the audience, especially intently at the teachers, scratches the back of his head.



- And after a slight excitement

I came to my father with such a decision.



- Hana, father, I fell in love!



- And who is your chosen one?



- What kind of tribe-people?

And how old is she?



- The people of the Don tribe ( another option - native)  

Already mixed in it!

"Russian", dad, nihilism,

But Caucasian blood is boiling!

Not old, but not a girl

She's only thirty-five!


The area nearly fainted:

- She's thirty-five ?! Mein Gott!



- Oh my God!

Son, there are also younger ones!

Gymnasium for preschool children.

Their name is beautiful, they say!

Or there is a lyceum, after all!



- Father, what are you doing! I'm ready

To marry a man with a marriage ?!


The area does not depart from the age of the future brides - ki:

- But she's still thirty-five!

I must also ask you:

Is the girl divorced?



- I didn't seem to be married,

But, like everyone else, there are children.



- And how many of them ?!



- Yes, all are countless!

But somewhere around forty thousand

They called her mother.

Daddy, if you understood

You have feelings for this sweet lady,

They immediately gave consent to the marriage!

She - in! Four floors! 

And even though there is no garage,

But "espers", "merci", "volvo"

They bring their children to her!

And the assembly ?! Gym?!

The buffet is perhaps only small.


Scope , vengeful:

- Well, nothing, tea, on a diet

I plant everyone with my budget!



- So, parents, that's it!

I can't live without this school!


The area runs backstage, probably to get married. Parents are sitting together, disgusted.



- Mother sighs, and father with her.

And then the fairy tale would end,

After all, the precedent is out of the ordinary:

The district will marry the school!

Yes, chance helped us again

To finish this tale for you.


Runs out the District:

- Mom, take a break from troubles,

Then fix the budget!

Daddy, stop buying apartments

For mafia racketeers!

Let business take a break from you.

And no matter how hard life is

But there are moments of joy in it:

School has a cute birthday!

She calls for an anniversary!

Let's go to congratulate soon!



- And what will we give the lady of the heart?


Area, with regret:

- You can't get away from the "present"!


Area that opens a large wallet:

- Currency? The courage is not enough

To spend dollars on school!


The wallet closes with a noise.



- Or maybe put compics?

Again, the kids will break!


The district is all outraged by the stinginess of the City and the Region in relation to his school.



- Daddy - eh! Mom - eh!   

It is simply a sin to offend the school!



- No, we won't leave without a gift!

We will congratulate her with a diploma!


The city, glad not to fork out:

- You can't find a more valuable gift!


The presenters take out the letter for the school, give it to the City and the Region, they stand, holding the letter over their heads, like Mukhina's sculpture "Worker and Collective Farm Woman".



- She, like a star, on the way!


The Region and the City are leaving, just as they got up, the District trails behind them, sighing.



- A friendly family has gathered

Go to the jubilee evening.

This is an honor for our school!


All the participants in this tale come out, words are distributed among them.



- And honor, of course, for the district!



- Although the school is called secondary,

And let it remain so.

But is it all about the name ?!



- It's all about people, whose diligence  

For the school - mind, and honor, and conscience! 



- And the point is in those who are in this school

Studied, grew up, matured, matured

And he gained fame for the school!



- Today gathered in the hall

Those who came out of here into life.

After all, thirty-five is a long time! 

For a year, a year, a turn of a turn ...



- And now the children have grown up,

And moms, dads brought

Here, to you, my native school,

Teach your kids again!



- And the children of the children will grow up,

They will come to you again!



- And yet, what about congratulations?

- After all, you, tea, at the anniversary?



- Today the school is thirty-five!

And before you we keep

Now there is an exam for creativity.



- Did you like it, no? We don't know.

But we know for sure - from the heart 

We read fairy tales, poems!



- And from the heart we sing and dance,

We will show you everything that we can!



- So that they do not remain without gifts,

Let's give the floor

Those who came to the anniversary.


- We meet dear guests!


The artists leave.

The presenters immediately give the floor to all guests announced in advance, of course, according to their status. What if you have the mayor of the city himself ?! Well, at least the head of the district ?! We'd better keep silent about the regional authorities, although who knows! Can you imagine if they really come to the jubilee only with diplomas ?! What a laugh it will be! But I am sure that after such a performance by the children, all those invited will immediately think of good gifts for the school and its students!

The musical background of the song "They teach at school."



- The smallest pupils who have more than one school anniversary have come to congratulate you!


First graders come out:


- Look how smart

The school has become at this hour!

Why are flowers garlands

Gave her every class?


- The day is solemn, cheerful

For children, teachers.

Celebrates our school

Your wonderful anniversary!


- Our school is young,

Thirty-five years!

Inspires, ignites

There is a bright light in our souls!


- I don't know a better school -

I am already many years old!

Explains, teaches everything

And he gives the answer to everything!


- Everyone is caring, like mothers,

And, like grandmothers, they are kind.

We suddenly get tired of classes

There will be a place to play!


- We live here very amicably:

Senior, junior - everyone is important! 

We will be helped if needed

Together, troubles are not terrible!


- And in all talents

They used to develop here.

We have so many students

You can't count them all at once!


- Here the designers are

What a pros to all of them!

And the chief designer, Dima,

I got to Moscow too!


- And they sing ?! And how do they dance ?!

We are not afraid of scenes from childhood!

Well, who will make everyone laugh,

Then they will take to KVN!


- And our city's athletes

Already recognizes by sight!

This is our school!


All together:

House of Scientists and Creators!


To the music and applause, the kids leave the stage, and they are immediately replaced by a Malyshev vocal group and sings any song about their favorite school and teachers.

Now it would be nice to show the dance performed by the younger group of the dance ensemble.



- And now the floor for our fifth graders!


Representatives of the fifth grades come out, no more than four people:

- How we love birthdays!

And especially this one:

Long-awaited, jubilee

School holiday dear!


- Everyone tried, everyone decided,

What to give to the school?

Some crafts, some medals

I could make it with my hands!


- Even the most lazy

How can we do without them?

They helped as best they could,

They did not interfere with the lessons,

They didn't shout, didn't jump,

We tried only excellent

Save the behavior!


- We swept the yard right!

And they watered all the flowers!

Here was a fence,

That could be painted!


- The hall shines, beautiful, new,

And the parquet is rubbed like ice!

There would be a place for a dining room

So they would cook dinner!


- After all, birthday is a delicious holiday!

Everyone is looking forward to

The moment that teases us all:

Anniversary school cake!


To the sounds of the world-famous melody "Happy Birthday!" the students bring out a large cake on which thirty-five candles are burning.

To the same melody, the vocal group sings:


- Happy birthday to you

Congratulations on loving!

Our dear school,

Happy anniversary!



- The right to blow out the candles on the anniversary cake is given to the school principal ( name, patronymic).

Fifth graders leave.



- Dear teachers, guests! Congratulations for you and for you!

- A competition for the best congratulatory telegram was held at the school.

- Believe me, they are all good, because we wrote them from the bottom of our hearts and with gratitude!

- But a competition is a competition. And we will read the best ones now!


Congratulations of students are read out, but no more than three.



- And even today the school received congratulatory telegrams from former students! No less warm and grateful!


Read those, if any.



- And now the time has come to take the exam before the school for its creative teams!


The performance of all the collectives of the school, which must either begin or end with words of congratulations. We show our guests what we are capable of, what we can do!



- Well, well, it comes to the conclusion

Our solemn part.

We believe, an anniversary evening

Will remain in your hearts!


- And he will, forty years old,

Anniversary is not far off!

And you will still mark forty-five

And fifty in its glory!


- Over the years they will become more experienced

There are young teachers here.

But old age is not terrible for school!

You are always young at heart!


- So light the rays and stars

You are in every little soul!

Don't let it cool, don't let it freeze

Goodness you never, nowhere!


- Wherever fate would have scattered

And the life of your disciples

We know - you are our beginning! 

The basis of all sorts of foundations!


All the participants of the gala concert come out and sing the song "Anthem" line by line to the phonogram of the anthem written for the Oscar ceremony:


- The sunbeam gave us smiles

And I rekindled the spark of hope in the hearts.

Look around: the world is always unique

And in the rain, and in foliage, and in poetry!

Don't be sad in vain, understand everything and forgive everyone,

Let sometimes you were unlucky on the road.

Look around: it's just a friend,

And your heart will become light!




For all people, let the sun shine

And gives faith in happiness to everyone in the world!

And voices sound, hearts beat in unison,

Loyal happy hearts to friendship!


Only sometimes there is a cold or soaring heat

In our souls it will wake up longing again

Just remember the words: "Faith in good is alive!"

And light a dream in your heart!





- Dear friends! With this we say goodbye to you!

- And we are definitely waiting for you at the next anniversary!

- Until next time!


And now you can smoothly move on to the next, banquet, part of the celebration! I hope it goes as smoothly as the ceremonial part. And remember, for us teachers, nothing is impossible! Well, why our anniversary is worse than some cool holiday of some super-rich company with unusually expensive artists ?! What's not worse is one hundred percent! And how much better, everything again depends on you and me, so talented and unsurpassed! Isn't that so, dear colleagues ?! 




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