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Scenario of the holiday on March 8 at school

- Darling, here are the orders and regulations on the amateur arts show! And keep in mind, no reasoning about "needed - not needed", "we will - we will not", "old - hackneyed"! Once the Oblast Ministry of Education itself has signed the state, the review is essential and important! Any objections? No objections! The director, as always, with regard to the higher decisions, is adamant!   

He gives you an order, along with the regulation on the traditional show of amateur performances. Sighing, you go home to study the newly printed pages with such an ancient content and meaning that you just want to take a ride to the ministry, go into the office of those who annually wave slightly corrected statement lines, open blinds and even metal-plastic windows for them. Like, look around: the time is different, the children are different and the forms for testing, if it is so necessary, additional education in the field of art should be completely different! Festivals by destination, for example!

But it is only dreams. The realities are such, all the same it is necessary to show collectives of "amateur art" according to the register and lists approved by the ministry. There is no required number of genres - minus! The required number of the composition, for example, of a dance group, is not observed - two minuses. There is no money to sew professional costumes for one concert - well, dear ones, why don't you know how to work with your parents ?!   

And what about the repertoire? Here everything is in the hands of the members of the commission. It is good if they are susceptible to youth trends, trends and rhythms. And if not? Well, there is only one piece of advice. Prepare in advance for a show of amateur performances, select a repertoire specifically for the composition of the jury, and you can be sure that it will select numbers for the city tour of the show according to the sympathies of the city staff.

Is it all so hopeless ?! Not. You just need to choose priorities for yourself in an educational institution, and once and for all. At least while you are the organizer of all the shows. What is important: children and their development, which means respect for their interests, style and fashion, even in art? Then, regardless of the high jury, work as your heart and your creative flair tell you. Show upscale, well-prepared performances of your existing teams. Let them not fit into the framework and norms of the review. But you pay great attention to youth creativity. The singers are singing "Russian rock" - it's great! It is meaningful compared to pop. The dance group made a very complex composition in the break-dance style. It is worthy of praise, because you can dance it if you have only excellent sports and dance training.  

And one more tip: do not hold shows for the sake of the show. Indeed, as a rule, during their holding, in addition to the jury members, there are several teachers and miraculously bursting mummies in the hall, whose children are now performing. Let it be a concert dedicated to anything! Invite to it depending on the topic and audience. If you choose a reporting concert of school collectives as the main topic, time it to celebrate the honors and winners of various Olympiads and exhibitions. The eves of holidays or famous dates are very fertile. Defender of the Fatherland Day - at the concert, the audience will be delegates from each class - young men who took an active part in the sports life of the school, war veterans. And the content of the presenters' opening words, the theme of some songs is appropriate. But the best holiday for the theme of the concert is Women's Day on March 8 ! In the hall there are teachers, mothers and grandmothers, high school girls. Most grateful viewers for artists!    

In such an environment, the jury members will feel completely different, just like guests at the celebration. And they will appreciate your efforts and the colossal work of children and leaders at their true worth, despite all the provisions of the review.

And in addition and confirmation to what has been said, we present the scenario of such a festive concert-show. Of course, the splash poems were written for certain songs. But it can be easily revised and supplemented. After all, the main thing is the idea! And it is to congratulate everyone who came to you on the holiday and, at the same time, so to speak, in passing, to report to the creative teams. 

So this is someone's show, and we have a concert!


The script for the concert "Hello, world, on a spring holiday!"


The first to go out are 6th grade pupils, all boys, in the amount of 5-6 people. Two of them, the most artistic, will remain to lead the concert later.


- The snowstorm sung songs for us.

The snow has melted, the frost has gone.

Streams murmur. The drops are singing.

And the fresh air stings your nose!


- Spring! Beautiful and desirable!

He hurries with a flying gait.

And the hubbub of birds sometimes early

Cheerfully, cheerfully rings!


- Nature longs for awakening!

Although it is already in everything!

See how much inspiration

On everyone's faces this afternoon!


- In the spring, not only hunt to sleep,

Desires to compose the sea,

Learn, write, dig, work

And get a grade of "five"!


- Dance! Although I don't dance.

And sing! I don’t sing though.

And an ode to compose such

To tell you how much I love!


- And I, and he, and everything in the world,

The whole world is in love with spring.

And in a spring way, mind you

A parade of planets has been built!


- Look at the girls!

Transformed before our eyes!

I wanted to pull one by the braid,

Yes, something got sick at times!


- And despite their talkativeness,

And despite the boringness,

I wanted to make them happy!

So that the day is not in vain with us!


- And in the lessons of us boys,

Let the teachers ask.

And what was taught, so, not too much,

You can't blame us for that!


- I personally washed dishes yesterday,

Five plates - a huge row! 

Beat. I won't lie here.

But this is fortunately. They say ...


- I washed the floors and vacuumed,

Scrub everything, I am not too lazy to clean!

Yes, there was a carpet with such a pile (shows),

Where is the pile, they have been looking for the whole day!


- I can boil a kettle.

"Tefal" is so easy to turn on!

But then the other day I found out by chance,

That we need to pour water!


- I'm not weak about shopping

And walk around the bazaars.

While walking, I managed to forget

Why did you go? What to buy?


- We tried our best

To be useful for a reason

After all, on the eve of a women's holiday,

And this, brothers, is not a trifle!


- After all, it is he - mothers!  

He 's lovely teachers! 

He is our life, let's face it! 

Men can't live without you!


- You are heart, kindness and affection!  

You are wise and correct advice! 

You are a book, a song and a fairy tale! 

You are a delicious holiday lunch! 


- And, apparently, it happened in life,

The beginning is feminine in everything!

And we are the defenders of the Fatherland, 

We will save you as needed!


- Why throw words to the wind!

It just doesn't suit us!

From all men in this world

Love to you, glory and honor!


- We wish you good health

Without any imported diets

And happiness - more joy! 

Flowers, love for many years!


- So, the concert "Hello, world, on a spring holiday!" open!

- The male half of the school trusts the most responsible and artistic ( names ) with the difficult duty and honor of being the leaders .

- Well, guys, don't let me down!

- Be calm!


The hosts remain.


- So, according to good tradition, it is customary to start any concert with a serious form of musical art!

- Any kind of art is serious!

- But this one!

In it, voices rush to the sun,

Where the space shines!

And everyone, listening, will smile

The spring choir sings with its soul!

- Listen to the works performed by the middle-class choir (the presenters name the songs that the choir sings, and also introduce the choir leader and accompanist. Young people who performed before that give flowers to them!).




- Here someone wanted to dance, please! I give you this opportunity!

- Eh, no! Our guests and dear teachers will have little pleasure from my performance!

Movement is not a trifle! 

And to dance is not just that! 

Through diligence, sweat, inspiration

Dancing "Star Movement"!

- Not so called: "Movement of the stars"!

- Yes, okay! It's not a question!

Anyone dancing is a star! 

We will announce them then!


The presenters name the dance group and the dance performed by it, as well as the leader who is given flowers.


- We hasten to congratulate you on the holiday, our most baby group, vocal ensemble (the name of such a group) ! Manager ( name, patronymic).

- When the kids sing to us,

Trying straight from the heart

Then in every voice I can hear

She, the mischievous spring!

- Listen to the following works performed by them (the presenters name the songs of the ensemble ) .


Perhaps the following lines would be fine for their repertoire:


- The sky darkened with blue,

Overflow - star rain 

Beckons into the distance unique ...

It's night ...


- The songs will fade in the haze,

And the old house will subside

And will hide us in bed

Sweet dream!


- Only in childhood does one sleep sweetly,

Get out, sorrow!

We are carried away in a chariot

A fairy tale into the distance!




- After such a performance, we need to invite one more group of younger students here. This time - dance!  

- Who are you talking about ?! Not about the ballroom dance ensemble (group name) ?

- About them. Only about the smallest group.

The world of ballroom dancing is limitless!

Like a samba, cha-cha-cha is energetic!

Like a slow fox, the waltz is elegant

And groovy "at once", as in jive!

Manager ( name, patronymic) !

- For you they will dance a jive ( or other Latin American dance ) with a very mischievous name "Tiva-tika"!




- Repeated laureate of regional and city reviews and festivals folk song ensemble (name ). Manager (name, patronymic).


- Wherever life takes us,

We must always remember the boundaries:

Both the forest and you, endless fields,

Your name is simply - my Motherland!


- Calm, stately dad-Don,

Night bonfire, the steppe is so wide

That the whole Earth seems like steppe!

Our native land, you are my Motherland!


- In the performance of the collective, listen to the songs (they announce the songs in turn).




- It was the turn of congratulations of one more collective, this time pop singing (the name of the collective ). Manager ( name, patronymic).


- About you, my dear,

The sweetest person

I may be forgetting

In this hectic age.


- And, perhaps, in a word, with a look

I will offend you by chance.

You need to learn from you

How can you forgive!


- Only you alone will help

Impossible to understand.

You, dear, are dearer than all,

Mom, my dear!


- "Mama", a song from the repertoire of Yulia Nachalova sings ( name, surname ) .




- The musician gave me a song,

It contains both sadness and fun - all together.

This is the destination of music -

To be near at any moment ...


- Dance "Musician"! Performed by (collective).


These lines are also good for a vocal or instrumental piece.




- What is "Red Up"?

Very tasty, they say

And the most useful in the world

Oranges! Children know!


- The song of the same name ... with a tasty cheesecake is performed by (name, surname ) song "Red Up" .




- The spring wind ruffled my hair,

He sang a melody, measuring out the rhythm!

And life is still only white stripes

And only the bright days of the week.


- At the crossroads of inviting youth

We are all in a hurry

Luck awaits us there.

Eternal hopes, noisy meetings

They call, they fly! And it cannot be otherwise!


- The song "The Week flew" from the repertoire of the Slivki group! Sings (name, surname).

Any rhythmic fashion hit is quite suitable here.




- On a dusty street in Madrid

The wind is tearing the poster to shreds.

Now there is a bullfight on the square!

Well, go ahead!


- Ability to defeat with courage,

And look at close range ...

Let him draw the steel sword

Here is the matador!


- And now lies defeated

From the sword a bull.

Spanish women look more reliable

Flies to you!


- Performed by the Paso Doble Ballroom Dance Ensemble!




- Dear ladies! The next performance reflects more the male problem!

- Our future problem! Service in the army! But we want to share with her so much that we cannot fail to perform the famous song of Leonid Agutin "Rota, rise!"

- No, no! "Border"!


This famous hit can be played great.


Two girls come out , they say to each other:


- It will take quite a few years,

And our guys will grow up.

And there is no more honorable debt,

Serve the Fatherland with faith, truth.


- Always, from time immemorial,

A man is a warrior and a savior. 

Always ready to protect us!

He is the guardian of honor, valor!


- But ... If not for this "but" ...

It worries all of us now.

Something is wrong with the army.

And who will explain it to us?


A fit, pumped-up young man in military uniform comes out and connects to the girls' conversation:


Young man:


- What, girls, talking about ?!

Why did the army not please ?!

Yes, anyone is ready to judge us,

Only to evade the call!




- It will take quite a few years -

Serve both Dima and Maxim.

(They approach the soloists in military uniform.)

And there are no guarantees

That there will be no hazing!


- That they will not be humiliated,

And only cherish, like mothers ...

Here and there to see them off ...

We are afraid for them, let's face it!


Young man:


- It is clear, the song is not new!

You are in vain afraid of service!

It will hardly become a man

Who will not serve as it should!

We are real men

Healthy, knowledgeable and strong

From frail squishies - eagles (!) 

We grow for you and for Russia!

What can I say for a long time!

Now the guys will show you

Army system, army life ...

Let the song tell everything for us!

Level up! Attention! Sing the song!


Then everything is as it should be in the song, but we propose to put it in the form of a clip. To do this, you need, first, to prepare four guys with excellent front bearing. They are dressed, of course, in military uniforms. And two pairs of young men will show a "fight", not real, of course, but sports: karate, aikido, sambo, just hand-to-hand combat.

The soldiers are commanded by a young man who spoke about the army with the girls. They show their drill, they can assemble - disassemble the machine gun, that is , everything that they are taught in the lessons of CWP or OBZH. And then the fighters show "fight". If all this is well rehearsed, we guarantee super success! Checked!  




- We are attracted by the stars into the sky,

Will reveal the secrets of the world of miracles!

A world of faith, kindness, love,

He, like all of us, is unique!


- He is in every drop of dew.

In the thunderstorm of the morning!

And we send on the air

A simple phrase: "Hello world!"


- The pop song club once again congratulates you with the incomparable composition from the repertoire of the group "Disco" Avaria "" Sky "!

- On this wonderful optimistic note, we end the festive concert!

- Once again, happy spring holiday to all of you!


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