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Scenario of the dance festival "Matador Presents"

How do you feel about dancing, ballroom dancing? Well, Mr. Sidorov, I am not asking you too much. Even a first grader knows your immense passion for football! While dancing, by the way, this is not just a body - movement to music! These are very difficult sports activities. Yes Yes! Exactly, sports!

You try to dance at least an elementary right turn in a waltz, so that by all the rules and more or less beautiful. And the simplest step is "cha-cha-cha"? What? Are your legs braided? You have only two of them, but the impression is that there are at least six. And who will work with his hands ?! Don't forget about music! Not on the football, tea, field! And the back ?! And this, you mean, is the back of an athlete? What hanger were you removed from? However, if from a hanger, then the posture would be even! Tighten your belly! Not everything works at the same time? And for “ballers”, even the most beginners, it’s just elementary!

And you say: "Football is football!" It is not for nothing that they are thinking of making ballroom dancing even an Olympic form. Moreover, lately our Russian couples have taken leading positions in many positions in international competitions. Especially children's couples. 

In addition, ballroom dancing is also an opportunity to dance with a person of the opposite sex, which has a very beneficial effect on the ability of boys and girls to communicate, removes many teenage complexes in terms of relationships. So consider this an interesting activity also psychological training.

Therefore, "Latin" and "standard" have become so popular not only among children. Clubs where you can learn to dance, and at any age, are multiplying like mushrooms after the rain. And this is just great! For us, adults and respectable, often full of complexes and extra pounds, dancing can become a feasible sport, and the development of creativity, and the release of emotions, and communication.

Why are we talking about ballroom dancing? And even in a collection of scripts for the school? And in order to help any dance club, it is just interesting and unusual for a school ensemble to prepare and conduct a reporting or some other concert. So to speak, combining the ability to speak beautifully with music and movement. After all, every dance, and even more so a ballroom dance, has its own story, character, emotions! In each dance there is a certain harmony of sounds and its expression by dance "pas". To tune the audience to the correct, no, not so - to the creative perception of the idea of each dance, to the peculiarities of the performers - this is the main idea of the script below for the concert of the famous ballroom dance club "Matador" in the south of Russia.    

And if you, my dear colleagues, have a dancing group, do not deny your students and teachers the aesthetic pleasure of contemplating such a wonderful show as a concert of a ballroom dance ensemble!

This scenario can be easily reworked creatively. Individual poems will perfectly serve as a screen saver before a dance number during an amateur art show or a festive concert.




To conduct a concert, of course, a presenter is needed, who must sit at a coffee table decorated with flowers during the entire performance.

A musical background for which any solemn music is suitable.




- Everyone who believes in the flight of inspiration,

Everyone who appreciates the movement of space,

Loves to dance to forgetfulness

"Matador" invites you!

Rays scattered across the parquet,

A familiar chord sounded ...

What are we there! Visit our planet

"Matador" invites you!


"Vienna Waltz" performed by several pairs.




- Oh, eternal waltz! A lot about him

Already written and sung.

As a rule, they open

All performances and concerts.

It is full of grace of movement

He can tell the soul.

Waltz is a field for creation! 

The waltz will dance forever!

- Once again we invite you to the world of waltz, this time slow, or, as it is also called, English.


Slow waltz composition.




- They say that love has a flower.

The color of love is full of dreams and dreams. 

Love has its own dances,

Full of passion, longing and desires.

Check out how it all comes together here:

Feeling rhythms and hidden passion.

All permeated with the word "love"

Rumba. The dance of love is for you! 


Rumba composition performed by several pairs.




- If you like carnivals,

Incendiary world of movement

So you are samba fans - 

Dance of the sun, smiles, fun!

Take a break from the dullness of everyday life

Distract from problems, vanity,

And imagine dancing in Rio

Light up with the rhythm of fiery samba!


Latin American samba dance performed by one pair.




- The following composition, continuing the individual performances, has its own preamble:

There are two on the floor: me and you.

What keeps us together is the question ... 

Why with another or with another

Did you fail to dance at all?

Everyday work and work again,

Failure, joy - for two. 

The hand will support, but the eyes will save.

This is how a love story begins ...


Composition of rumba called "Love Story" performed by one, better than the already eminent couple.




- Ask adults and children:

"What is the best moment in the world?"

They will answer: “The one where the guests are waiting -

Your birthday on the planet! "

Indeed, at your feet

The whole globe of the earth at the moment of birth!

And mom's birthday cake

Cheers up everyone!


"Happy Birthday!" - this is the name of the composition-medley on the theme of Latin American dances. 


Dance Latin American medley performed by the younger group of the ensemble.




- And now for your attention the incendiary melody "Cha-cha-cha"!


Dance "Cha-cha-cha".




- Like strings, nerves are stretched

And always fearless gaze at close range.

Life on the edge. Someone will be the first.

Go boldly into battle, matador!

The bull or the enemy again rises before you,

You are a fighter. In my heart - an artist, a dancer.  

Play a paso doble show

Prove you are the first, matador! 


Dance "Paso Doble" performed by adult couples.




- Before you were played scenes of a paso doble on an eternal theme: who is in charge - a woman who is assigned the role of a bull in this dance, or a man, that is , a matador!   




- Rumba - the dance of love,  

Waltz is always in fashion 

In "cha-cha-cha" - the rhythm of the dawn, 

The Paso Doble is a hymn to freedom. 

But tango is a mystery. 

There is a mystery in tango.

The forbidden is sweet in it,

It contains a hint, a promise.

Tango is the music of passion 

Worship, madness,

Graceful, graceful

Dance of strong feelings!

So, the dance of mystery is tango! 


Dance "Tango" performed by senior couples.




- I want to ask you a question:

Is it easy to pick up and dance?

Or when, how old

Start mastering parquet?

And how much to spend sweat, energy,

So that someone praised in the hall?

There was an image - "I am a dancer"? .. 

The young "Matador" is on the stage!

These stars will flash bright soon

Everyone will open their mouths in surprise!

The young shift cannot take away talent!

Jive will continue our presentation!


Incendiary, cheerful dance "Jive" performed by the youngest couples of the club.




- Improvisation, like aerobatics,

A kind of dance jazz!

Latin dance minimarathon,

And easier - a mix! Dancing "Matador"! 


Performed by the senior group, a Latin American mix, i.e. a dance medley. 




The lights went out and a candle came on.

It is good for us to be silent together.

After all, everything is clear without words.

What is it? We know - love!


This dance of love, i.e. rumba, is performed by the most famous couple of the club. 




- Aristocratic and difficult,

But the slow foxtrot is so beautiful!

It has a light flirtation, and softness, and play,

And nostalgia is a starry time!


Dance "Slow foxtrot" performed by senior couples.




- Ballroom dance ... Simple and how difficult!

It's just that at the very first glance:

On the parquet floor so carelessly

The legs seem to fly by themselves!

On the lips - a playful smile. 

An integral way of thinking in the distance is called ...

It's hard to fuse together

So that hellish work is not seen!

And the result is in our performance, 

Everything we have prepared for you!

In conclusion - a dance of inspiration, 

Always young and beloved waltz!


In the performance of the club pairs - "Vienna Waltz", after which all pairs remain in place. 




- So it has passed, an hour has passed imperceptibly, and our dance show "Matador" presents "has come to its end. What happens after the final? That's right, the parade of winners! All the participants, all the dancers who gave us this meeting with the wonderful world of ballroom dancing. Meet once again with applause - the ballroom dance club "Matador"! And I want to invite to the parquet those who opened the world of ballroom dancing for our actors-dancers, but above all children, and taught them how to work professionally on the floor. These are Olga and Sergey Kolesnikovs, international class dancers!  


Everything is ahead of your charges,

The restless, sometimes careless,

So different, but at first glance,

Everyone wants to be like you!


Applause and flowers to the leaders and dance couples of the club to a solemn melody.




- That's all. The time is coming to an end.

We are finishing our performance.

To you, gentlemen, more than once

"Matador" will give the art of dance.

On the dance vault forever

His lucky star is lit up!




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